The Trekking of Dientes of Navarino, the southernmost in the world, is a wild trekking. Its pristine nature, extreme weather, loneliness and the immensity of the environment are only found in this corner of the world


This is what we experienced when traveling alon this trekking: 4 unforgettable days of hiking among mountains, forests, peat, lakes and austral rivers.


Our trip began in Punta Arenas where it was impossible to find air tickets to fly to Puerto Williams, with so little anticipation. 

 That meant we had to travel on a 33-hour ferry that leaves once a week with supplies to supply Navarino Island.


After 35 hours of navigation where we could enjoy the views of the glaciers of the northwest arm of the Beagle Channel, we arrived at our destination to sleep for a night in a cozy family hostel. The next day, after buying the last things and with our backpacks equipped, we walked for 45 minutes along a gravel road until we reached the base of Cerro Bandera, the beginning of the trekking.


We follow the trail, among forests of coigüe, lenga and ñirre, until reaching the almost 600 mts that has the summit of Cerro Bandera, where there is no more forest but there are spectacular views of Tierra del Fuego, the Beagle Channel, Puerto Williams and the Darwin mountain range. We continued our way along the steep slope, through which the track passed, until we could see in the distance what would be our first camp: the Salto lagoon. In this place, and for the first time, we had contact with other circuit walkers.


Following the trail in this trekking requires a lot of attention, since unlike other routes, the rout is not well marked and the signage is quite scarce (38 milestones in 38km). All that remains is to be guided by the geographical landmarks, the fresh footprints and some stone monoliths marked with red paint


It was January and despite our fatigue and that it was already 11 o'clock at night, the light of day refused to disappear. At 12 we gave up and went to sleep to get prepare for the walk of the next day.


The next morning, we opened the tents and saw the landscape dyed white: it had snowed all night. After the surprise, we raised the camp and got prepared to follow the path. The trail led us down a steep slope, down a stream that led us to the Australia Pass. We walked through the snow, which at times reached our knees and under a storm that did not let us see very well. Finally, we reached the Australia pass where we were surprised by the sight of a lagoon that dazzled us with its luminosity.


Following the route to our next milestone, Paso de los Dientes, we came across one of the most difficult points of the trek: a very steep slope that we had to cross and was covered in snow. Trying not to make false steps despite the snow and wind, we reached the step of los dientes where we crossed the cord of los Dientes of Navarino for the first time, and to meet the south of the island.


When the weather and the terrain allowed us and with desire to reach the second camp quickly, we accelerated the pace. After a while, we saw Mount Gabriel and the Dientes Lagoon stand in front of us, where we were going to build the tents to spend the second night..


Just like the night before, we prepared the fire that would dry our shoes and wet clothes, and we recharged our energies. The next morning, we woke up with a radiant sun that would accompany us all day. We headed to the step Ventarrón, which made him furnace to his name with winds that could almost knock us down with a backpack and everything. With a firm step, we also passed the Guerrico Pass to reach the lagoon that would welcome us to spend our last night. We continue to the end of the lagoon to take advantage of the sunny day and because the next day we had to travel several kilometers until the end of the trek. With a full stomach, we went to sleep anxiously for our last day of walking


Early in the morning, we get up to continue our journey. On an irregular terrain and landscapes of the most varied, we went, without rest, until the milestone 33 in the beginning of the step Virginia. The fog did not let us see the monoliths to continue, so we took a break until the sky cleared. Finally, we reached the highest point of the trekking where we received beautiful views of the Beagle Channel and the Guanacos lagoon that we had to reach on the descent. Very carefully we began to descend the steep slope where the wind made our footsteps stagger. Finally, we made a stop in the lagoon, we made a stop and then we continued to enter the forest again until we reached the road that connects to Puerto Williams


As lucky as you can imagine, just as we were leaving the trek, we stopped a van that took us the 7kms that we were away from Puerto Williams and from the shower, food and bed that awaited us in the hostel


We did it! After 4 intense days of walking, we had finished our journey through the Dientes of Navarino, an experience that you have to live.

* * *